Life Is Messy. Your Carpet Doesn’t Need To Be.

Carpet Recovery For Flooded Basements

When snow melts or heavy rains hit our area, basements and low-lying homes too often suffer water damage as a result. Fortunately, this does not necessarily mean that your carpet needs to be completely replaced. It can often be saved and restored saving you time and money. The majority of carpet in the United States, 65%, is made of Nylon fibers, which is non-absorbant. In fact, Nylon absorbs only 8% of its weight in water and is a quick drying material. Olefin, which is the material that makes up another 30% of US carpet, absorbs only 1% of its weight in water and dries even quicker than nylon. The foam cushion under your carpet acts as a sponge that soaks up the water and will not dry. Fortunately, this foam cushion is far less expensive than your carpet. Therefore, I can remove and replace just the foam cushion underneath your carpet and reinstall it for significantly cheaper than replacing the carpet.

Restretch Loose Carpet

Years of foot traffic and moving furniture across your carpet can cause it to loosen or wrinkle in certain areas of a room, which can be unsightly and make your carpet look much more worn than it actually is. Fortunately, this can be fixed rather easily and far more affordably than replacing the it. When your carpet loosens, it simply needs to be restretched towards the walls while the excess can be cut away and installed like new. I can give your carpet many more years of life by restretching it in just a couple of hours.

Stained Or Ripped Carpet Patching

Life can be messy, especially where children and pets are involved. Sometimes this can lead to stained or ripped carpet, which can cause odors and spoil an otherwise clean and fresh room of carpet. Don’t panic. I can patch small and large areas of carpet to make your carpet look like new again. Don’t waste your money replacing an entire room when the damage is just a small area. I have been seaming together carpet for over 35 years and would be happy to come out and see how I can help repair your carpet so that you can save money and enjoy it for years to come.

Kevin Micks Carpet recycles your used bonded foam padding. There are an estimated 12.3 billion pounds of bonded carpet padding installed on the floors of homes and businesses throughout the United States. Carpet installers who care about the environment, like myself, recycle between 300 to 400 million pounds of this carpet padding each year to be shredded and made into fresh bonded cushion rather than ending up in our landfills.

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